Artisan Vegan Cheese

Seriously, is there anything that can’t be veganized?!

Boursin from "Artisan Vegan Cheese" |

Artisan Vegan Cheese is  a book  for serious cheese lovers and foodies.  Author, Miyoko Schinner ,shares  all the secrets to making your own authentic-tasting non-dairy cheeses at home!  

I’m talking about the book  over on All About Vegan Food today. Pop  over and check out my review. 

Fettucine Alfedo with Gruyere and Mushrooms from "Artisan Vegan Cheese"|


Do/Did you have a favourite cheese? Have you tried making your own vegan cheese before?

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      I so agree Jenni! I thought the cheese was beautiful! And I realize most people will think I’m a little odd calling a cheese beautiful… but it was such a magical process and a delicious result!

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    I always used to say, “I could never go vegan, I love cheese too much.” Then I ended up with a dairy allergy. XD All I can say is, thank goodness for homemade vegan cheese recipes! I’m really not a fan of daiya and the like and it tends to upset my stomach, so nut cheeses have been my go-to ever since I discovered them.

    I’ve only made a few basic ones so far, but my husband got me this book for my birthday this year and I am super excited to try them all! I always get so sad at parties where there’s a cheese platter, with all those fancy herbed cheeses. Hopefully now I can bring some of my own vegan ones next time. :)

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      I adore nut cheese. Much much better than the stuff you can find in stores. We have much less variety than the US here in England too so even more reason to make my own.
      How fun would it be to host a vegan cheese party?!

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    I’ve really enjoyed everything that I’ve made from that book. Not everything was perfect, but the results were really interesting and the chemistry of the whole process was intriguing!
    Joey recently posted…Vegan in DubrovnikMy Profile

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    interesting to read your thoughts on this – I have tried one cheese from the book but worry my blender was not great for making it more smooth – however I did enjoy it and do enjoy vegan cheese – though I still love my dairy cheese too. I really need to try more recipes from the book
    Johanna GGG recently posted…Oat and Seeds Sourdough BreadMy Profile

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    I’ve always believed that there was a solid vegan alternative to absolutely everything, even in the infancy of my veganism- It just may not have been discovered yet! Now I’m thrilled to see that statement being realized in better and better recipes and products every day. Plus, your photos make these cheeses look even better than the plain written recipes. Way to bring that flavor to life! :)
    Hannah (BitterSweet) recently posted…Escape To AlcatrazMy Profile

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    I’ve yet to make my own cheese yet, but because my partner is so convinced that creating that same taste is pretty much impossible (she’s Italian so no cheese ever compares), I’m now on a mission to prove her wrong and make my own.

    Looks like I’ll have to get the book!
    Dale recently posted…Our Guide To Vegan Restaurants In MadridMy Profile

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      Interestingly enough, after about 2 years of not eating dairy, the few times I’ve accidentally eaten some (butter or cheese) it tastes kind of gross to me now. It has this sort of…sour flavor, and not in a good way. Like spoiled milk. And this is coming from someone who used to LOVE cheese.

      Sometimes I see cheese platters and think I still miss it, but those accidental tastes make me think I actually like the homemade nut-based stuff a lot better now!
      Chelsea recently posted…Here’s a whole bunch of commissions I don’t think I…My Profile

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        It’s weird how our tastes change isn’t it? Coming from the girl who didn’t like ANY fruit until my teens and who’s now a serious fruit bat!
        Proof that anyone can change their habits!


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