Main Dishes (Cooked)


Herby Courgette Galette with Cashew Chèvre

Sweet Potato, Spinach + Coconut Dahl (gf)

Ginger Cashew Tempeh + Sugar Snap Peas (gf)

Nut Kofte

Tempeh Pasta alla Carbonara (gf- use gf pasta)

Cheesy Tofu Scramble + Chipotle Sweet Potato Tacos (gf)

Cauliflower “Rice” with Grilled Asian Tofu (gf)

Summer Vegetable Paella (gf)

Swiss Chard Lasagna with Golden Raisins + Pine Nuts (gf- use gf pasta)

Pesto-Ricotta Tofu Omelettes with Cherry Tomatoes (gf)

Romesco/Pesto Pizzas with Grilled Vegetables

Sticky Miso Aubergine (gf)

Summer Vegetable + Chickpea Sauté (gf)

Smoky Black Bean Empanadas with Chipotle Sour Cream

Buckwheat Crêpes with Creamy Mushroom Filling (gf)

Thai Green Curry Tempeh Patties (gf)

Spicy Jackfruit Fajitas (gf)

Nutty Crusted Tofu + Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (gf)

Avocado-Cucumber Sushi Rolls (gf)

Mediterranean Israeli Couscous Pilaf

Kidney Bean, Sweet Potato + Quinoa Patties (gf)

Balsamic White Beans with Cherry Tomatoes + Basil (gf)

Red Lentil + Root Vegetable Tagine (gf)

Tofu, Miso, Udon Noodle Soup 

Warm Butternut, Lentil Salad with Tahini Dressing (gf)

Ethiopian Yellow Split Pea Butternut Stew (gf)

Vegan Sausage, Lentil + Prune Stew (gf- use gf sausages)

Leek, Sun-dried Tomato + White Bean “Risotto” (gf)

Lemony Lentil, Potato + Pea Curry (gf)

Thai Tempeh + Vegetable Red Curry (gf)

Miso-Curry Roasted Squash with Crispy Chickpeas & Kale (gf)

Beetroot & Sweet Potato Salad with Baked Cashew Cheese (gf)

Butternut, Barley + Lentil Pilaf

Chili-Bean Soup with Avocado-Lime Cream (gf)

Creamy White Bean Pasta with Mushrooms & Sage (gf- use gf pasta)

Chili-Lime Crusted Tofu with Creamy, Herbed Rice (gf)

Sweet Potato, Red Lentil + Sesame Patties (gf)

Kabocha, Spinach, Brown Rice + Miso Broth (gf)

Rustic Beetroot Galette (gf)

Simple Celeriac Soup (gf)

Tofu Agrodolce (Italian Sweet + Sour) (gf)

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