Spiced Caramel Pears

Spiced Caramel Pears (Vegan, Refined sugar-free) | coconutandberries.com

As much as I worry about being “old” (yes I know rationally that 23 is not old…) and not having my life mapped out or really too much idea about what I want to do with it, there are definitely upsides to getting older.  One is that I’m more comfortable just being me and worry far less about other people’s expectations or opinions.

Strange place to start perhaps but I came to this conclusion when faced with these pears. So pretty with their skin rosy and gleaming in the sunlight, they made me smile! Then I realized that it’s probably not many 23 year-olds who get so excited about fruit….But I really don’t care, I’m happy with my own ways and don’t mind being different at all.

Spiced Caramel Pears

Even if most of my “real-life” friends don’t understand my enthusiasm for fruit and vegetables I bet that many of you do! And I’m sure you agree that these beauties needed an elegant dessert to showcase them in their full glory!

Baked in a buttery caramel with warming spices the fruit softened and sweetened up and was gorgeous with vanilla ice cream and a smattering of toasted almonds. A no-fuss but still special dessert.

Spiced Caramel Pears (Vegan, Refined sugar-free) | coconutandberries.com

Spiced Caramel Pears

Yield: 4 Servings

Serving Size: 2 pear halves


  • 4 Medium-sized, ripe but firm pears, peeled and halved
  • 6 Tbsp Coconut sugar
  • 3 Tbsp Coconut oil
  • 1/8 tsp Salt
  • 3/4 tsp Ground ginger
  • 6 Cardamom pods OR 1/2t Ground cardamom


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F
  2. Put the coconut oil in a small pan with the coconut sugar, salt and ginger.
  3. Cut open the cardamom pods, shake out the seeds and grind in a pestle and mortar. Discard the pods and add the ground cardamom to the pan.
  4. Warm over low heat for 5-10 minutes until the coconut oil is melted and combined well with the sugar (N.b. Coconut sugar does not melt quite like white sugar so it may not look homogeneous) .
  5. Spread the caramel into a roasting dish and arrange the pears on top, cut-side down
  6. Cook for 20 minutes, then turn the pears over, basting with the caramel, and cook for a further 20 minutes.
  7. Cool for 5 minutes before serving with non-dairy ice cream, yogurt, Coconut Whipped Cream or Vanilla Bean Cashew Cream


Extras can be refrigerated but must be reheated and eaten warm as the coconut oil will harden when cold.

The spices are entirely optional and the “Caramel Pears” without the spices are still delicious. You could top them with cacao nibs for added flavour complexity and crunch instead. 

Spiced Caramel Pears (Vegan, Refined sugar-free)

Have you learnt any life-lessons through cooking?! 

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  1. says

    how refreshing to hear how self aware you are 😉 this dessert looks so sweet and simple. i love pears, especially these beauties, but eat them far too infrequently. are you starting to incorporate more fruit into your diet?

    • Coconut and Berries says

      I am yes. In fact, I’m almost eating normally again! Still need to do an update.
      I always forget about pears too but I couldn’t pass up these beauties.

  2. says

    How nice it was to read this post!! I, too, am a 23 year old who maybe over-appreciates the beauty of fruit and vegetables. :) I will definitely be making these pears in the near future — thank you!

    • Coconut and Berries says

      Haha, great to know there are others my age in the fruit and vegetable appreciation club!
      Hope you enjoy the pears :)

  3. says

    They have got to be the most beautiful pears I’ve ever seen! The only pears I’ve ever had are a washed out yellow/green colour and though they taste delicious, they never look that appealing in the fruit bowl!
    I’ve always been attracted to anything in nature that’s bright and beautiful so, along with flowers, that includes most fruits and vegetables ♥

    • Coconut and Berries says

      My attraction to flora and fauna seems to just get greater! Glad you agree with me about these pears.
      Hope all is well with you Sharon xx

    • Coconut and Berries says

      Age is just a number after all! These days I don’t notice age so much and have friends in their 20s, 30s, 40s…all the way up to 80s!
      And yay for fruit! I’m almost back to normal eating wise and feeling ok.

  4. says

    I think I felt older at 23 than I do at 31. There was so much pressure to have something figured out. Then I lived a little longer and realized I didn’t need my life mapped out for me, I just needed to be me day by day. Which it sounds like you are figuring out too – one beautiful pear at a time.

  5. says

    I’m even more ancient still (!) and I can confirm you will only bother about such things less as you age, and that’s a really great thing. And if that means you get to whip up a batch of those pears as a result, it must be a truly amazing thing! Seriously, they look so perfect for cheering up a grey day.

  6. says

    I’ve definitely gotten to the point now where I don’t particularly care what people think about me or my predilections. It’s a happy place to be!

    And ooohhhhh these pears. Moaning at just the thought of them!

    • Coconut and Berries says

      Me too! I’m definitely not against dessert simply being nourishment for the soul but it’s nice when there’s some nutrition in there too 😉

  7. says

    I know how you feel and it is the feeling that I was different that led me to blogging- I needed to connect with likeminded people. I’m totally ok with being different too- we eat better and healthier than everyone else 😉

    These are gorgeous!

    • Coconut and Berries says

      I’m sure that was one of the reasons I came to blogging too. As much as I love my real-life friends, they don’t share this passion of mine.

  8. says

    These look fabulous!! Not a huge fan of pears but maybe this dessert could make me like them.

    It’s not really a life lesson but more of a rite of passage that I have experienced in baking. The first time I made my mum’s traditional chocolate birthday cake for a friend who was going through a rough time, I felt just a little bit ‘older’, even though I was only 18. I didn’t feel like a child anymore. (In fact I wrote a whole post about it to go with the recipe on my blog.)

    • Coconut and Berries says

      I’m trying to find the post but you have SO MANY cakes on your blog!!
      Have you had pears cooked before? They’re quite different like that. I love them poached in red wine too. Yum yum.

    • Coconut and Berries says

      Thank you Caeli. You’ll love the coconut sugar I’m sure. It’s so much more complex and yummy than “regular” sugar and works beautifully in recipes.

  9. says

    Ahh I love this sweet ‘n simple dessert! Also, that shot of the four whole pears is just gorgeous.

    I know what you mean about friends not getting the “veggie love.” haha They tease me about being vegetarian, but they mean well! :)


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