Review & Giveaway: Cocofina Organic Coconut & Date Bars

Cocofina Organic Coconut & Date BarsIt definitely seems that there’s more and more awareness in the UK of the importance of eating whole foods and companies are stepping up to meet the demand.  Cocofina is one which is fairly new to me but has actually been around since 2005 with their coconut water which is the leading brand in Europe and distributed by all of the top health food distributors.

Cocofina Organic Coconut & Date Bars

You can imagine this coconut-loving girl’s delight on discovering that they’ve branched out from coconut water to other coconutty products! These coconut and date bars are exactly my sort of thing: A handy little snack to pop in your bag and have on hand, a healthy whole foods source of energy, and tasty too! 

The only ingredients are dates, raisins, coconut and oats- no nasties in here.  

Cocofina Organic Coconut & Date Bars

Another thing which makes me happy to support Cocofina is that they’re  donating 10p for every case of their products sold across the globe to Action Against Hunger and  have pledged to raise a minimum of £5,000 every year.

- Action Against Hunger assists over 7 million people every year, in over 40 countries. ACF was chosen because of its ethical policies, global reach & incredibly low administration costs.

- Recognized as a leader in the fight against malnutrition, Action Against Hunger ACF International saves the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger.

- With 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, ACF runs life-saving programs in some 40 countries benefiting seven million people each year. 

To announce the partnership Cocofina have kindly offered to give away a whole case of their new Coconut & Date bars  to one lucky reader! 

Please enter via Rafflecopter below (Sorry this one’s UK only)

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Cocofina are currently sold in 2500 specialty and premium stores such as Wholefoods, Holland and Barrett, Waitrose, and exported to 18 countries.





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  1. Melissa says

    I love these bars. And I respect the company. Thank you for this. Best part of my weekend is hanging out with my daughter on a lazy Sunday.

    • Coconut and Berries says

      Aaaw that sounds lovely. You make me miss my Mummy (even though I’m 23!).
      It definitely makes all the difference to me knowing I’m supporting a company with solid ethics.

    • Coconut and Berries says

      What??! That sounds amazing- both the HP tour and the chocolate wand :) I’m going to have to look up that tour, I can’t believe I haven’t done it!

  2. Sam says

    Funnily enough, their bars were new stock upon my last visit to a local health food store (so, of course, I had to buy one to try…and, my goodness, it was amaaazing!)
    Thank you for hosting such a fab giveaway! <3

    • Coconut and Berries says

      On the beach? Where are you lucky enough to live? I love walks in the rain and cold and coming in to the warmth :) Thanks for entering.

    • Coconut and Berries says

      I love bulk cooking too! It’s lovely to start the week knowing you’ve got food to hand for healthy, tasty meals :)

  3. says

    What a lovely giveaway. I have tried their plain coconut water which is lovely- I really want to try some of the other flavours but have not seen them in shops yet, hopefully soon!
    Hmm, the best thing about my weekend was probably relaxing on the sofa this afternoon- well needed after an 11 mile run in the morning!

    • Coconut and Berries says

      I haven’t actually tried their coconut water yet though I really need to. From their site it looks as though they’re making coconut manna and coconut nectar too but I can’t find any info on it.
      Good job on the 11 mile run!

  4. says

    I know I’m not eligible for the giveaway since I’m from the island of Maui, but I just had to comment. We here on the islands love anything coconut!!! In fact, we have some fresh coconut water and coconut milk, just made yesterday, in our refrigerator!! It’s wonderful. These coconut/date bars sound wonderful. I sometimes work an early morning shift at work, and food bars like this one are perfect! Good luck with your contest and thanks for sharing.

    • Coconut and Berries says

      You’re so lucky having all that fresh coconut at your fingertips. As you can tell from my blog name I’m crazy for all things coconut! Sorry you’re not eligible to enter the giveaway :(

    • Coconut and Berries says

      Great to hear! I’m trying to find out about what looks like coconut manna and coconut nectar from the images on their site. There’s no info on them though! Thanks for entering the giveaway :)

    • Coconut and Berries says

      I don’t know what recovery week entails but I’m guessing lots of rest and fuel so it sounds good to me :)

  5. Yasmin says

    I’ve tried Cocofina coconut water, it’s very good. The best part of my weekend was having a long chat with my family overseas. Thank goodness for Skype!

  6. says

    I’ve had Cocofina coconut water before, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen their bars around, would love to try them! The best part of my weekend is always that general feeling that you don’t *have* to do anything you don’t want to – I spend my week feeling like I should be productive for every waking hour, but something just changes on the weekend. And I love nothing more than being able to meet friends for brunch or a late lunch!

    • Coconut and Berries says

      Yes, love that feeling too. Although when you’re doing a masters like me I guess I could be working any time…
      Keep an eye out for the Cocofina bars and thanks for entering the giveaway :)

  7. Rebecca Morgan says

    My weekend consists of trying to convince my daughter to poop! She’s having issues lol! So these would help a lot!

  8. Gaby says

    These look great! I’ll have to look for them at WF! They remind me of the coconut and fig bars I buy from Oskri but for a good cause, so even better.
    Let’s see, my weekend was good! I really love the opportunity weekends give me to spend time with family and friends. I think the highlight was going to my mom’s house Friday night for her birthday dinner along with my bf, my aunt and uncle, cousins, brother and family friends. She even made vegan lentil stew! And I take my favorite pilates and strength classes on Sundays so that’s a weekly highlight :)

    • Coconut and Berries says

      That sounds like a lovely weekend Gaby :) The bars are kind of similar to the Oskri ones in taste but these don’t have any added sugars/syrups, just the fruit.

  9. Hannah Ballou says

    This weekend wasn’t the best. My love Peter went to Glasgow for work. Weekend before was awesome because we got to spend it together :) Would love to try these bars! Love that the ingredient list is short and whole food based and that they are vegan!!!

    • Coconut and Berries says

      Aaaw, sorry for your lonely weekend Hannah! Short ingredients list, whole foods and vegan are all the things I look for in new products :D


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