My (Imaginary) Christmas Dinner

I’ve already mentioned that I’m not doing any cooking on Christmas day as we’ll be at my brother’s house and he and my sister-in-law will be doing all the work! It’s not an exclusively vegan Christmas but they’re insisting on making me a special vegan dish, and most of the side dishes will be vegan too.

I’m sure it will be lovely, but some day I hope to host my own vegan Christmas meal and here’s what I’d serve if it was up to me (and if I had an expandable stomach!).

We don’t usually do starters as we try to save stomach space for later, so after champagne and maybe some nuts and crudités we’ll get right into the main course.

These Lentil Mushroom Walnut Balls by Angela of Oh She Glows look like a wonderful “meaty” main dish. They’re full of all delicious wintry herbs and other good things.

Sometimes it’s nice to stick to tradition and I do love a good lentil/nut roast. This No-fu Love Loaf from Dreena Burton is another of my top picks and would be a beautiful centrepiece.


Finally, another main dish, very easy to put together, healthy, hearty but lightened up with a zingy orange dressing. My Butternut, Barley & Lentil Pilaf would be wonderful served up family style. Sub dried cranberries for the raisins for a little festive flair.

I’d happily forego the main dish in favour of a plateful of sides which are what make the Christmas meal for me. At my Christmas feast I’d serve:

Maple-Roasted Carrots and Parsnips

chestnuts with brussel sprouts

Brussel Sprouts and Chestnuts

Peas, Roast Potatoes, my own Cranberry Sauce, Apricot & Hazelnut Stuffing Balls (veganized), and Red Onion Gravy.

Phew. I think we might need a breather after all that…

For dessert, I’ve grown to really enjoy the Traditional Christmas pudding. My Mum has been making a vegan one for the last few years and I *think* she adapts it from this recipe. Serve it with warm spiced cream:

1C Non-dairy Cream (soya, oat, etc. )

1/4t each Ground Ginger & Cinnamon

Pinch of Ground Nutmeg

1T Brown/Coconut Sugar

1-2T Brandy

Add the cream to a small pan over medium heat and bring to the boil. Stir in spices and sugar and reduce to a simmer for 4-5 minutes until thickened. Remove from heat, stir in brandy and serve immediately.


For those who don’t like Christmas Pudding, chocolate is the only way to go. I’d probably make a large version of these Raw Mint Chocolate Tartlets with some crushed peppermint candy canes on top!

If you can manage anything else at this stage, one of Tanya’s Raw Mince Pies would be fantastic, or just a couple of clementines while lingering at the table.


Later on, after your Christmas day walk, once you’re settled down with the family to watch a Christmas film, pass around a plate of homemade chocolate treats. All these ideas come from Sylvia of Superfoodista.

I think that will be quite enough food for one day!

Do you have a traditional menu planned or are you trying something new this year? I’d love to hear what’ you’re making. Do feel free to share recipe links in the comments.

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  1. says

    What a delicious feast! I still haven’t decided what exactly I am cooking up, and we are hosting Christmas day! 😉
    Thanks for the ideas. Merry Christmas, Emma!
    Sophia :)

  2. says

    I’m full up just looking at that array of Christmas dishes and treats. I think I’d head straight for the raw mince pies with the frosting on top!! Dessert first, allowed at Christmas! I hope you have a great time at your brother’s house. Happy Xmas! xx

    • says

      I can’t wait to host my own Christmas one day! Christmas isn’t really about the food for me as I’m the only vegan in my family and it’s not the time to provoke a discussion…! Have a very Merry Christmas Gena 😀

  3. says

    I’d join you in this feast – we will be having roast vegies and I take a nut roast, then I have pudding and half the family now decide they have pavlova – but meanwhile have lots of baking to do tomorrow

  4. says

    Yum, you’ve got a great selection here Emma!

    I am making a few things from Angela and a few from Dreena. I just love both of them and their recipes always turn out perfect!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  5. says

    We had our chistmas party at my parents yesterday. Unfortunately the day before I ate at a restaurant and it didn’t become me, so I wasn’t really feeling a whole special menu. I was planning on making that raw sundried tomato pesto cheese tart that I featured on that what I whish I ate post if you remembered, and pair it with a simple salad. But now a salad was all I could manage. I did make your ginger-almond dressing to go with it though, because that dressing rocks and it felt festive too. (my mum also loved it btw). As a started I had some pumpkin soup which my mum made at my request and I did manage to squeeze in a small piece of my chocolate banana cheesecake. Now on wednessday we’re going to Geert’s parents and they have their party catered, so they proposed I would search my own vegan caterer, and I have a luscious 4 course meal planned, so I’m really looking forward to that. For New Year’s I have ordered a raw menu from that raw restaurant I always frequent.
    Your imaginary christmas sounds divine! I’ll gladly draw up to that table 😉

    • says

      Just saw your beautiful catered meal on ig! Looks fantastic! That’s so fun to have a professionally prepared meal just for you :)
      I’m a little sad not to be able to make what I want for Christmas but I’m grateful for my brother/sister-in-law’s kindness.
      Missing out on all the sweet treats with this candida too :(.
      Hey ho, Christmas isn’t about the food I suppose…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful time.

  6. says

    Such a cute title!! Love Angela’s balls…they’ve been on my to do list for ages and i still haven’t got round to making them! I’m probably going for my usual nut roast- Christmas day is probably not the day for experimentation 😉 Though I still haven’t decided on dessert yet and i’m rapidly running out of time!!

    • says

      You’ve got too many options to choose from! I think I might have to make those lentil balls in the New Year seeing as I’m missing out on Christmas food and Christmas treats at the moment!

  7. Nicola says

    Lovely ideas Emma. I am making the Lentil Mushroom Walnut Balls with cranberry sauce which is my alternative to meat. I made that Christmas pudding last year and tomorrow I am making my own version of it, hoping it turns out well! Have a great Christmas with your family :)

    • says

      Honestly I’m a little sad I don’t get to do any Christmas cooking this year. I’ve been ill too so haven’t even been making much at home either. Never mind, I suppose Christmas is more about spending time with family after all..
      Hope you have a lovely day 😀

  8. says

    Wow, sooo many lovely recipe ideas and inspirations!! 😉 And thanks so much for featuring my chocolate treats! 😉 I love the idea of having them after a walk with the family. I wish you a wonderful Christmas with you loved ones, enjoy the days with them! hugs, Sylvia

  9. says

    Aw, your brother and sis in law sound so sweet – it’s lovely that they are making you a special vegan dish and most of the side dishes can be made vegan. Hope you had a fabulous Xmas feast!

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