Kabocha, Spinach, Brown Rice & Miso Broth

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Now on to today’s recipe!

Kabocha, Spinach, Brown Rice & Miso Broth

So my plan to try all the different varieties of squash out there this winter rather failed. I haven’t made it to the Saturday morning farmers’ market as much as I’d have liked, and when I have picked up squash I haven’t been able to identify them anyway! Recently I spied one I did recognize but hadn’t yet sampled- Kabocha!

Photo Credit: blog.cookingchanneltv.com

Photo Credit: blog.cookingchanneltv.com

Kabocha is an Asian variety of squash, commonly called Japanese pumpkin. I think they’re rather cute, all short and squat, and cutting through the dull green skin revealed a brilliant orange flesh.

As I said, this was my first time trying it, and much as I’d read it described it had a very sweet, almost chestnut-like flavour and was softer and more starchy than other squash- quite similar to sweet potato in texture.

Considering its Japanese roots I thought I’d go that direction with it. I had seen a recipe in The Asian Vegan Kitchen for a side-dish of kabocha simmered with tamari and mirin, and turned it into a complete meal with chewy short-grain brown rice and greens in a soupy miso broth. A bowl of pure, nourishing, comfort food.

Kabocha, Spinach, Brown Rice & Miso Broth

Kabocha, Spinach, Brown Rice & Miso Broth:

1/2C Short-grain Brown Rice
220g/1/2 lb Diced Kabocha Squash (approx 1 1/2” pieces)- Simply remove the seeds and stringy fibres from the squash and dice, leaving skin on.
1T Tamari
1” Fresh Ginger, finely minced/grated
1/2T Mirin
1T White Miso
2 1/2C Vegetable Broth OR Water
2 Green Onions, thinly sliced
100g/4oz Spinach
Red Chili & Squeeze of Lime (optional)

Cook your brown rice first (You could also use other hearty grains like barley or farro) per package directions. Set aside.

In a small bowl whisk together tamari, ginger, miso and mirin until smooth and gradually whisk into the broth in a large pot.

Add the kabocha and simmer for approx 10 minutes (don’t boil) until the squash is soft but not falling apart. Add the brown rice to warm through and the green onions and spinach to wilt.

Finish with a squeeze of lime, and a little sliced red chili (optional).

Serves 2

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I’m keen to try spaghetti squash too but it sadly remains elusive…

Do you have a favourite variety of squash?

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  1. hannah says

    aw hun, just one more week and you can have all the spaghetti squash you like (p.s. don’t get your hopes up) xxxx

  2. Nolebim says

    Your picture of the cut squash is actually an acorn squash. Just so folks aren’t looking for that when searching the market for kabocha!

  3. says

    Sounds really lovely – I have made a similar sort of soup that I loved so I can imagine how good this is. It is interesting to hear you say kabocha squash is of Asian origin. We have a similar (or possibly the same) pumpkin we call Jap pumpkin – I have heard people say that Jap stands for Just Another Pumpkin because it is very common but I don’t know if that is true – probably more true that it is Japanese.

  4. says

    you know till a few years back the only squash i liked was pumpkin and that too in savory dishes. With the huge selection of squashes which would end up on our local farm delivery box, for the first year we jut ate them all without knowing which one is which. just all roasted up or added to stews:) This bowl of goodness sounds just about perfect with the kabocha

    • says

      I still haven’t eaten many meals with pumpkin itself. Butternut is probably my regular squash as that’s what’s most widely available here. I did love the kabocha but butternut may still have my heart…

  5. Jackie at Vegan Yack Attack says

    What a beautiful soup! I haven’t had a kabocha squash in over a year or so and I loved it when I used it. Time to get back on that bandwagon. Great job on the wholesome recipe. :)


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