Vegan Month of Food 2013

You may have noticed the little icon which has appeared on my right sidebar? Vegan Mofo 2013!

Yup. I’ve signed up! After much deliberation and some encouragement from others I figured I could do it. If you’re new to Vegan MoFo and Coconut and Berries and missed my earlier explanation, the idea of Vegan MoFo (Month of Food) is for bloggers to write as much as they can about vegan food over the designated month, this year it’s September,  and show the world that vegan food is the way to go!

Bloggers usually take on a theme for the period and write posts accordingly. There aren’t strict guidelines for how often to write, but the idea is to shoot for every weekday, or about 20 times in the month.

This is my first year participating and I’ve got a busy month ahead of me so I’m keeping fairly simple and doing an A to Z theme.A to Z

I’ll be working through my pantry from A to Z, unearthing ingredients I’ve never or hardly used, or using more familiar ingredients in new ways. I’m planning on sharing a mix of my own recipes, other bloggers’ recipes and recipes from my cookbooks. I’m aiming to write every weekday, but you never know, I might throw in a few extra posts here and there if I have any more ideas (and can find time). There are some great MoFo ideas on this post some of which I’d like to do too! Too much to share, too little time!

I hope, whether you’re participating or reading, that you’re getting excited for kick-off!

See you back here for the letter A !!!



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    That’s great! I thought about it this year but realised I had way too much on to find the time for so many posts! I can’t wait to see yours though!

    Have fun!

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    Its my first time this year too! My them is everything bean like due to my massive harvest from the garden. Good luck I’ll be stopping by to see what you get up to.
    Jasmine x

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    Great to see you participating in this. I really wanted to come up with something, but my culinary skills are non-existant and my food generally pretty boring. I’d have to use the prompts given on the website too, as my creativity is seriously lacking at the moment. Most of all I’m too worried about representing veganism badly/giving it a bad name :/



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